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Welcome to Pixales, your local meta-brewery. We’re serving up tasty, small-batch NFT collectable brews. While each Pixales NFT is a beautiful piece of art, we also have tons of future utility functions in the works that will add value for those who get in early.

Pixales OB (Original Brew), our first collection, launches for public sale on April 19, 2023.

Each Pixales OB NFT is a unique 1 of 1, piece and will entitle the hodler to a set of exclusive benefits connected to airdrops upcoming projects, new features and access to events among others.

Big things are brewing at Pixales and we’re glad you’re here for it.

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Please enjoy responsibly!

In support of those who are recovering from, or struggling with alcohol addiction, 5% of all proceeds from all Pixales collection sales will be donated to Alcoholics Anonymous. Donations will be made monthly and posted to our social media channels.


Pixales OB

Unique (1 of 1) NFT Collection

Purple CircALE

Limited Edition Collection


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